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Downland Graphics

A celebration of the British Countryside


You can use these navigation tabs to read more about current and planned work, and also to follow my serialised graphic novel - called 'Borderland Diary' which I will update every few weeks.




New artwork Projects for 2017:

Surviving now hosted on the Tribaal website.

'Sheep' ...coming soon...

Hoodies planned for later in the year...

Scubatoons is finally in the water, after delays with publishing dates with one of the diving magazines. It's a load of laughs, but make sure you take it with a pinch of salt...if you sea what I mean

Cards for 2017

2 February 2010 - I'll be putting up a page shortly offering sets of 5 greetings cards selected from the 'Rics Tips' series which is published in 'The Countryman's Weekly'. (click the tab at the top)

They will be available by mail order through the CW newspaper, on the Downland Graphics stand at some County Shows throughout the summer, and directly from this website.

There will also be a 'Tips' calender and a set of Christmas Cards which are now available  for Christmas 2017

Other Ongoing Work:

Charity posters and merchandise

Newspaper and Magazine page layout illustrations

Falconry Paintings